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Wed, Jun 27

One night at the Jazz Standard, NYC
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In a remarkably short amount of time, Duchess has developed a major reputation as a leading vocal trio. Inspired by vocal groups like the Boswell Sisters and the Andrews Sisters, Duchess boasts tight vocal harmonies that are both technically challenging and easy on the ears. Rather than performing straight takes on the classics, however, their arrangements are uniquely tailored for their voices and 21st century tastes. The New York-based threesome featuring Amy Cervini, Hilary Gardner and Melissa Stylianou made its debut on record with the eponymous Duchess in 2015, followed by the critically acclaimed Laughing at Life released by Anzic Records in February 2017. Sure-footed swing, sweet-toned harmony and ever-insouciant charm, Duchess is well known for their sense of humor and playfulness, so be prepared to let loose and have a good time.

Amy Cervini – voice
Hilary Gardner – voice
Melissa Stylianou – voice
Nadje Noordhuis – trumpet
Michael Cabe – piano
Neal Miner – bass
Paul Wells – drums