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Giant Step Arts Launch Event
Sun, Jan 21 ~ Mon, Jan 22

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Two nights at the Jazz Gallery, NYC
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Renowned photographer and recording engineer Jimmy Katz is launching Giant Step Arts, an innovative, artist-focused non-profit organization with a very simple goal - to help jazz musicians get the support they need for their most creative work.

Giant Step Arts will launch with two nights at New York City’s Jazz Gallery on January 21-22, presenting four sets by The Johnathan Blake Trio featuring saxophonist Chris Potter and bassist Linda Oh.

“We have two goals,” Katz says. “To help the musicians and raise more money so we can help more musicians.”

Giant Step Arts will take a holistic approach to the music, to give the audience the most revealing insight into the creativity and personalities of the artists, using:

Live Premiere Performances and Workshops
Giant Step Arts will present unique live performances by some of today’s most innovative jazz artists, sharing their Intimacy and emotional intensity with the audience.

Concert Recordings for Independent Release (by Artists)
A renowned engineer, Katz will also record the concerts, print CDs and provide digital downloads directly to the musicians to sell themselves. In addition, the musicians will be well-compensated for their performances and own their own masters.

Short Films
These films tailored to each of the artists and available online, will serve as living portraits that will tell each musician’s story while showcasing their unique personalities.

Concert Photo Shoots
Photography will also play a key role in every Giant Step Arts presentation with supporting slideshows or gallery exhibitions that will be focused on visually revealing the inner nature of each artist.