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Nabaté Isles’ Eclectic Excursions
Tue, Jan 29

Nabate crop
One night only at the Jazz Standard, NYC

Nabate Isles – trumpet
Stacy Dillard – tenor and soprano saxophones
David Gilmore – guitar
James Francies – piano/keyboards
Brad Jones – acoustic and electric basses
Rudy Royston – drums
Badia Farha – guest vocalist

For an accomplished and (by some standards) mid-career musician like Nabaté Isles, it’s somewhat sur­prising that only in 2018 did he release his first album as a leader. The delay may be explained by the multiple facets of Isles’s busy professional career: He is a radio/TV host of “So Much To Talk About” on Manhattan Cable and formerly a producer at SiriusXM’s NBA Radio, and a past winner of both ESPN’s “Stump The Schwab” and Crackle/NBC Sports’ “Sports Jeopardy.” Simultaneously, the trumpeter has performed with big bands led by Christian McBride, Oliver Lake, Mike Longo, and Charli Persip. But Isles held nothing back on his debut solo release, Eclectic Excursions, featuring 16 expansive tracks and a large and impres­sive supporting cast that includes (among others) Christian McBride, Jimmy Owens, David Gilmore, Stacy Dillard, Jaleel Shaw, and Frank Lacy. “I’m so happy with the music and everyone who recorded on it,” says Nabaté Isles. “I was very influenced by Quincy Jones and his records: When you talk about ec­lectic, he’s the one. Body Heat, The Dude, Walking In Space, Back On The Block– these albums influ­enced me to have jazz and improvisational music as the root, and all of the other elements of American music that stem from jazz and improvisation as the branches. Eclectic Excursions is all about going on a journey with those branches, those musical elements, all with improvisation and groove at the root.”