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Roxy Coss: The Future Is Female
Wed, Apr 18

Roxy coss - the future is female press photo 3 by desmond white
Photo Credit - Desmond White
CD release performance at the Jazz Standard, NYC
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Composer and multi–instrumentalist Roxy Coss on The Future Is Female, her new Posi–Tone album and the text of tonight’s performances at Jazz Standard: “The Future Is Female is an album addressing femi­nism and sexism in our current political and social climate. The material was inspired by my participation in the January 2017 Women’s March. After mourning the loss of sanity in our country following the presidential election, I felt hopeless, confused, depressed and powerless – I felt America telling me I don’t matter. I came together with millions of women around the globe to say, we do matter…”

“My music has always been content–driven, inspired by real life issues. I believe that Jazz was once so successful because it reflected on the race and equality movements going on in America. I strongly be­lieve we need to move closer to this ideal once again, to have Jazz reflect society’s current issues. The audience needs to have a context to relate to the music, both sonically and thematically. The Future Is Female is a reaction, a revolution, a resolution.”

Roxy Coss - saxophones
Alex Wintz - guitar
Alex LoRe - bass clarinet
Miki Yamanaka - piano
Dave Baron - bass
Jonathan Barber - drums