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Vinicius Cantuaria
Thu, Jun 21 ~ Sun, Jun 24

Vinicius cantuaria
One night at the Jazz Standard, NYC
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An entrancing solo performer, Vinicius Cantuária is a bossa nova poet who accompanies his light, João Gilberto–like vocals with caressing guitar work and gorgeous melodies. He has led a prolific recording career, having released more than a dozen albums as a leader since the early 1980s. Along the way, he has collaborated with such cutting–edge performers as David Byrne, Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno, Brad Mehldau, and Jenny Scheinman. “Vinicius Cantuária is the doyen of Brazilian singer–songwriters – more melodic than Caetano Veloso, more consistent than Gilberto Gil and with more talent than Max de Castro, Otto and Patricia Marx put together. If more people covered his songs, we’d be talking about him as the new Tom Jobim.” (The Guardian) “Like Gilberto before him, Cantuária paints almost exclusively in tones of blue — from the deep indigo of a forlorn ballad to the azure glimmer of a slinking samba.” (Variety Magazine)

Vinicius Cantuaria - guitar and vocals
Helio Alves - piano
Paul Sokolow - bass
Adrianno Santos - drums
Dende - percussion