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The Southeast’s premier jazz club and restaurant
Hilton Head, South Carolina

The Jazz Corner has prided itself, since March 30, 1999 in selecting proper jazz and music. The overriding principle was that of elegance and quality in both the type of music presented and the lead performer. Careful analysis of jazz uncovers the little known fact that there are some twenty three different categories of jazz, ranging from traditional to acid jazz. We decided we were interested in four of the twenty three, which are swing, traditional, New Orleans and mainstream jazz. It is interesting to note that each of these categories have common subdivisions which are bright and airy, mood themes, mid-tempo themes, and ballads. In addition, within each category, tunes selection is such that vocals can be attached as an addition to each grouping.

During the initial two year start-up period, the club employed different combinations of instruments in each of the four categories which served as an excellent proving ground for determining winning combinations that pleased our patrons and supporters.

Today, The Jazz Corner’s schedule of performers includes differing combinations of instrumentation and vocalization but the four categories remain intact. Our weekday programming at the club is slightly different than the weekend approach in that two categories have been added to give more variety. Rhythm and blues andcontemporary blues have been added to the four categories, which provides for a wider degree of interest in the venues.

The Jazz Corner takes great pride in looking back on our years and knowing that we stayed the course. If there is one word that could amply describe our mission in both food and music it would be the word “consistency”.


Steve Turre

One night at A Place For Jazz, Schenectady NY