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Joey Alexander Trio
Fri, Apr 21

One night only at the Woodstock Playhouse, Woodstock NY
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An extraordinary and uniquely gifted pianist from Bali, Joey Alexander marked his recording debut with the release of MY FAVORITE THINGS (Motema), nominated as Best Instrumental Jazz Album for the 2016 Grammy Awards. Joey brings a delicate, profound, and soulful touch to his own interpretation of such classics as My Favorite Things, Giant Steps, and Over the Rainbow and showcases his talents as an arranger, composer, and bandleader. His solo ‘Giant Steps’ earned a 2016 Grammy nomination for Best Improvised Jazz Solo. His new album COUNTDOWN is out now available through ITunes and Amazon.com.

Joey Alexander taught himself to play piano by listening to his father’s classic jazz albums. An amateur musician, Alexander’s father soon recognized his son’s gift for jazz, as his technique and ability to grasp complicated musical concepts was beyond someone of his years. Due to the lack of jazz education where he lived, Alexander began attending jam sessions with senior musicians. From there, his musical intuition flourished, as did his love of playing jazz. In recognition of his talent, UNESCO invited Alexander to play solo piano in honor of his jazz idol Herbie Hancock, who provides enthusiastic support to Alexander’s budding career.

Through festival appearances and awards for his improvisational brilliance, the world has taken notice of this phenomenal and exciting pianist with his astonishing technique and soulful sound.