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Or Bareket CD release event
Wed, Sep 27

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One night only at the Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC
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Born in Jerusalem and raised in Buenos-Aires and Tel-Aviv, bassist/composer/bandleader, and first-call sideman for the likes of Ari Hoenig, Jean-Michel Pilc, Leon Parker, Aaron Goldberg, Sam Yahel, Yotam Silberstein, Camila Meza, Dida Pelled, Nitai Hershkovits, Cyrille Aimee and many others, Or Bareket has established himself as one of the most versatile and sought-after bassists on the NYC scene. Winner of the 1st prize at the International Society of Bassists’ jazz competition in 2011, Bareket’s multiculturalism informs his unmistakable sound.

Bareket’s approach to improvisation/composition, magnificently displayed on his debut album, OB1, is informed by Mediterranean, South American and North African folklores, all interpreted through his deep knowledge and appreciation of the American Jazz tradition. However these traditions took time to connect and conspire. Bareket found a missing part of his musical DNA in 2014, when he embarked on his first trip back to Buenos Aires as an adult, to perform at The Buenos Aires Jazz Festival. Bareket explains, “for me, that experience of being in Buenos Aires affirmed and brought to light the source of a lot of my musical choices - rhythmically, melodically and texturally - aesthetics that I felt attracted to but didn’t know their origin, so I just chalked them up as being idiosyncratic. Being in Buenos Aires caused me to realized where they had come from and it was a very strong affirmation of my musical instincts and intuition. This opened up a process through which I could just write - for the first time in my life I could just let the music come out and just let it be what it is. Amazingly, after I had a body of work ready to go, the band pretty much presented itself.” The result is the compelling music on his debut recording, OB1.



One night at the Jazz Standard, NYC