Walk With The Wind
Concert series returns to Central Park

Artist-focused non-profit Giant Step Arts partners with Jazz Generation’s KEYED UP! for new edition of
acclaimed concert series Walk With The Wind.

Performances at a new location in Central Park: Summit Rock in Seneca Village
(closest entrance is Central Park West & 82nd Street)

These concerts honor the legacy of congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis.

Featuring William Parker Trio, James Brandon Lewis Freed Style Free Trio, Melissa Aldana Trio, Chris Potter Trio, Antonio Sanchez Trio, Marquis Hill Quartet, Michael Thomas Quartet, Nasheet Waits, Mark Turner, Marika Hughes, Johnathan Blake, Abraham Burton, and Jason Palmer.

“Sitting socially distanced on The Mall and listening to live jazz feels like an optimistic moment…Jimmy Katz and Giant Step Arts are plugging a gap with Walk With The Wind.” – Dan Bergsagel, London Jazz News

Giant Step Arts in partnership with Jazz Generation’s KEYED UP! continues the acclaimed performance series Walk With The Wind honoring civil rights activist and congressman John Lewis. The concerts – curated by Jimmy Katz and Nasheet Waits – will take place at pop up locations in New York City’s Central Park. Shows will be rescheduled in case of inclement weather.


• Saturday, April 10 at Summit Rock in Seneca Village
Noon – Robert Lotreck Quartet– with Sarah Hanahan, Anthony Hervey, Phil Norris

1 p.m. – William Parker Trio with Cooper Moore and Hamid Drake

• Sunday, April 11 at Summit Rock in Seneca Village
Noon – Robert Lotreck Quartet with Sarah Hanahan, Drew Anderson, Phil Norris

1 p.m. – Steve Slagle Trio with Marty Kenney, Jason Tiemann

2 p.m. – Melissa Aldana Trio with Pablo Menares and Kush Abadey

• Saturday, April 17 – Chris Potter Trio with Joe Martin and Nasheet Waits

• Sunday, April 18 – Antonio Sanchez Trio with Donny McCaslin and Matt Brewer

• Saturday, April 24 – Marquis Hill Quartet

• Sunday, April 25 – Michael Thomas Quartet with Michael Rodriguez, Edward Perez, andJohnathan Blake

• Saturday, May 1 – James Brandon Lewis, Freed Style Free Trio with Rashaan Carter and Chad Taylor; Aaron Burnett Quartet with Peter Evans, Nick Jozwiak, and Tyshawn Sorey

• Saturday, May 8 – Marika Hughes: The New String Quartet with Hughes, Charlie Burnham, Marvin Sewell, and Rashaan Carter

• Saturday, May 15 – Mark Turner Trio with Vicente Archer, Johnathan Blake

• Saturday, May 22 – Johnathan Blake Trio

• Sunday, May 23 – Nasheet Waits Quartet Featuring
Mark Turner, Steve Nelson & Rashaan Carter

• Saturday, May 29 – Abraham Burton Trio with Dezron Douglas, Eric McPherson

• Monday, May 31 – Jason Palmer Quartet with Mark Turner, Edward Perez, Kendrick Scott