Fifty Years of the Edition of Contemporary Music AKA ECM Records

Fifty Years of the Edition of Contemporary Music AKA ECM Records

Photo by Bart Babinski

ECM 50th anniversary celebration

On November 24th, 50  years ago,  Manfred Eicher went into a studio to make the very first ECM recording – Mal Waldron’s Free At Last.  Since then, Eicher has continued to helm the label, personally producing the majority of the now 1600+ recordings in the catalog. His steadfast vision has cemented the label’s place in history as having “helped shape the way we listen to jazz and contemporary classical music.” (Giovanni Russonello, New York Times)

Eicher is a hands-on producer, deeply involved in the music, as ECM artists attest in describing their experiences in the video.

ECM’s anniversary has been celebrated around the world this year, and continues in the US with two major bi-coastal events presented by SF Jazz and Jazz at Lincoln Center:

October 24-27 at SF Jazz, San Francisco

November 1-2 at JALC’s Rose Theater, New York City

ECM anniversary concerts around the world:

Frankfurt, Germany

23 – 24 October 2019

Jazzfestival Frankfurt: Opening Concert at Alte Oper, ECM night at Sendesaal

San Francisco, USA

24-27 October 2019

SFJAZZ: ECM Week with 9 concerts

New York City, USA

1, 2 November 2019

Jazz At Lincoln Center, Rose Theater: ECM Weekend

Milan, Italy

8, 9, 10 November 2019

Festival JazzMi

Mannheim, Germany

16 November 2019

Enjoy Jazz: Closing Festival ECM Evening

London, UK

17 November 2019

London Jazz Festival: ECM Day

Brussels, Belgium

21, 22, 23, 24 November 2019

ECM Anniversary Weekend @ Flagey: central European celebration

Hamburg, Germany

3, 4, 5, 6 February 2020


7 selected ECM concerts