Generation Gap Orchestra
Joe Henderson's Inner Urge

Generation Gap OrchestraJoe Henderson's Inner Urge

Steven Feifke (pianist, composer, arranger/orchestator and conductor) and Bijon Watson (lead trumpet) have joined forces to bring together a big band featuring some of the most well known names in all of jazz. These two artists are “frequent-flyer-mile” performers in a number of internationally acclaimed large ensembles, and noticed one small problem in each one: there is almost no generation gap!

The longstanding tradition spearheaded by artists like Art Blakey and Horace Silver of hiring the “young guns” for an ensemble has all but disappeared in recent years. In creating “The Generation Gap Jazz Orchestra,” Bijon and Steven make the objective of this band to strengthen that tradition of mentorship that has shaped and defined the jazz idiom since its earliest beginnings.

Inner Urge – Composed by Joe Henderson, Arranged and Orchestrated by Steven Feifke

Solo features – Alexa Tarantino, Lauren Sevian

Saxes – Alexa Tarantino, Christopher McBride, Thomas Luer, Roxy Coss, Lauren Sevian
Trumpets – Bijon Watson, Tanya Darby, Michael Rodriguez, Danny Jonokuchi
Trombones – John Fedchock, Javier Nero, Kalia Vandever, Jennifer Wharton
Guitar- Will Brahm
Piano – Steven Feifke
Bass – Dan Chmileinski
Drums – Ulysses Owens, Jr.

Mixing and Mastering by Dave Darlington
Video by Austin Kruczek