Steven Feifke Big Band
with Veronica Swift - Until The Real Thing Comes Along

Steven Feifke Big Bandwith Veronica Swift - Until The Real Thing Comes Along

“Excitement and exploration give way to repose as “Until the Real Thing Comes Along” receives a beautiful reading by Veronica Swift. Recalling iconic moments of this song’s rich history, from Andy Kirk to Jackie Wilson, Feifke’s arrangement ultimately is one of restraint, romanticism, even reverence. While softer textures provide a beautiful framing for Swift’s gorgeous singing, Feifke sneaks in indulgences for careful listeners: a tricky key change up by a tritone prior the vocals’ entrance is just one of many surprises quietly hiding in the soft textural clouds.”

-Seton Hawkins

Vocals – Veronica Swift

Reed 1 – Andrew Gould (solo)
Reed 2 – Alexa Tarantino
Reed 3 – Lucas Pino
Reed 4 – Sam Dillon
Reed 5 – Andrew Gutauskas

Trumpet 1 – Max Darché
Trumpet 2 – John Lake
Trumpet 3 – Benny Benack III
Trumpet 4 – Gabriel King Medd

Trombone 1 – Robert Edwards
Trombone 2 – Jeffery Miller
Trombone 3 – Armando Vergara
Bass Trombone – Jennifer Wharton

Guitar – Alex Wintz
Piano – Steven Feifke
Bass – Dan Chmielinski
Drums – Jimmy Macbride

Mixed by Brian Montgomery
Mastered by Dave Darlington

Filmed by Noel Woodford
Video Editing by Alex Weitz