Troy Roberts and Tim Jago
The making of Best Buddies

Troy Roberts and Tim JagoThe making of Best Buddies

Troy Roberts – saxophone
Tim Jago – guitar
Karl Florisson – acoustic bass
Ben Vanderwal – drums

Best Buddies is precisely what the name portrays – a group of like-minded friends getting together to create spontaneous sounds in the straight-ahead jazz/post-bop tradition. Each of these busy musicians happened to be in the same place simultaneously in their homeland during a COVID lockdown. This rare moment very naturally progressed toward pressing a record on July 22 & 23, 2020, capturing an excellent collaboration showcasing intensity, humor, fire, and finesse amongst four best buddies.

This album’s theme is contrafacts (a new melody composed over the existing harmonic structure of various well-known jazz standards), with an underlying aesthetic very much in the post-bop tradition.